Furniture & Cabinetry

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Custom Pieces

We create custom pieces upon request to give you the style, finish and functionality you’re after.


Work with us

Feel free to bring your plans and watch them take shape on Instagram as we document your whole build – from initial concept to completion.

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High standards

Saltwood creates custom furniture and cabinetry that makes a statement, is fit for purpose, and is crafted to the highest standards.  

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Commercial Clients


commercial fit-outs

We love working with businesses to create commercial fit-outs with an emphasis on artisan craftsmanship.


working with businesses

We’ve been privileged to work with a whole host of different business in the past and relish the challenge of bringing your plans to fruition.


on display

You can see past projects we are proud of in the following places: St George’s Cathedral (Cadogan Song School), the Woodside Building and the Weld Club.



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Machining Services



Do you have a project you’d like to build yourself? 



We can work with you on a one-to-one basis to help you design and create a project that will become a talking point for your home or business.
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everything you need

We’ll provide advice, machines and all the tools to help you create the piece you’ve been imagining. 


we would love to hear your ideas

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