Saltwood Designs has been in business for over 5 years now and in that time has created some really unique pieces. Karl, the designer, really loves the disciplines that allow him to design and build. Its almost like a meditation for him. Every project is different and that brings a great deal of satisfaction to the designer. "Creating something that wasn’t there before is so exciting, this all comes from working with the clients initial idea." Whether its meeting Karl in his workshop to go over your ideas and designs or even a friendly phone call to discuss your concepts. Your vision is where it starts and Saltwood will make sure they don't miss any details.

Jarrah Record Cabinet
Bringing their old floorboards sourced from their refurbished apartment. The client wanted to reincarnate their timber back into their home in the form of a record cabinet. Recycling and the story behind it was very important to them. The client came up with the design and Karl took that into the workshop. finished in house with acrylic satin polish. Delivered and installed by Karl, it now sits in their living room fully stocked with lots of records.

Saltwood hasnt really found its "style" yet but we know from Karls love of Scandinavian and Danish furniture that those influences definitely comes through in his pieces.


Recycled Jarrah Bed
original timbers from the roof of his refurbished house, this Client wanted a king sized bed that had a history! After quickly meeting, karl drew up a few designs keeping in mind his client wanted an intersting design that incorparated curves. custom building a form for this project, karl was able to build a curved headboard out of veeners he hand machined. Fully disassembles for easy transport and easily assembled the other end.

Saltwood Designs caters for both private and commercial clients. Timber is his material of choice, solid or veneers, but if you have something in mind with other elements either steel or stone please still get in touch, he has a range of businesses which he collaborates with regularly to make sure all the elements come together.

Electric Stand Up Desk
With a love for marri timber and a request for a draw in the desk, this client was happy for karl to take the reins on this project. The Client sourced the frame and saltwood sourced the timber, the rest...

As well as design and building furniture, Karl does offer other services that include machining and cutting to size your timbers. This enables on the road carpeteners or even hobbiest access to certain processes and machinery. Saltwood also provides all in house Timber dressing, DIY table glue ups, sanding and polishing, right down to the little jobs like cutting out holes in vanities.


"The great reveal is where the satisfaction happens for me, seeing my clients faces when they take delivery of their dream piece is where i get my fulfilment."

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