Mari Dining Table

Here is a project I completed a few months ago. Angela contacted me as she has been struggling to find the perfect table for her dining room. The bench seating makes it difficult to slide around the table and they were forever pulling out the table and pulling it back in once seated. The custom frame on this Marri table removed that issue, the legs are inset to allow for leg room and also allow for the chairs to fit under the table. 

Below is a testimonial from Angela. Thanks once again for allowing me to complete this project and your kind words.

We contacted Saltwood Designs as we were in need of a new dining table. We wanted the table to be custom made by someone local and knew that Karl uses recycled and sustainably sourced wood, which was important to us. Being a designer I can be quite particular, but I found working with Karl a breeze. He understood the aesthetic we were after and what considerations we had to allow for (it was to be used with booth seating and had to have allowances for people's legs to scoot underneath easily). We never met in person once throughout the process and I trusted his judgement the whole way. The character of the wood is beautiful and the time and care he has put into making this piece is obvious – we're delighted with the finished product. 





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This was one of my first commissioned projects. I had already been collecting wood and storing it, making furniture for my family. Some friends had been shopping for a kitchen bench but, finding nothing that suited, they asked if I could design and build one. I drew some sketches and suggested types of wood I could use. All the scrap wood was sourced around the Melville area.

This is the finished product. The legs are hand cut tenon and mortise joints and it is finished with a zero VOC clear gloss sealer. I can build to any size specification and amend the design according to your needs.

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Jarrah Table

The idea for this table started when I got an email from a friend who knows my passion for woodworking and gave me a tip-off about a skip full of Jarrah in White Gum Valley. I went round to investigate the following day and had a chat with the guy who had dumped it. He said it was originally the frame for his shed - I told him my story and he was genuinely pleased to give me the wood so it could have another life.

The top of the table was made entirely from the wood I found in the skip. It was a laborious task to take the wood from its weathered, unloved state to the highly polished look you see now. The legs were made from old door frames - if you look closely you can still make out the hinge hole patterns and the hole where the door catch would have been. All the defects were filled with a clear epoxy so you can still see the wood’s original use. I want my products to be honest and proud of their past life!

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