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Recycled Jarrah record cabinet, tables and benches

Karl Young

This job all started from the sale of one table, which has a story all of its own. When I first started Saltwood Designs I put the word out that I was always on the look out for some recycled timber. A good friend Rusty delivered and said he had spotted some in a skip near to his house. So I did the right thing and asked the house owner if I could have it, he was very happy that it be used to make something. That's where this table (pictured) comes into it. It was the first table I had designed and made entirely from recycled Jarrah.



Next up Ben and Matt then ordered some bench seats in the same style to match the table, these were made from 110 year old floor boards. The final piece (for now) is a recycled Jarrah record display cabinet, this was made from Jarrah floorboards that were saved from the building that they now live in.

I feel very honored to have been asked to make these pieces and its projects like these that remind me of why I do what I do, so thank you.

Here are some very kind words from the clients.

“ We are the proud owners of two Saltwood Designs pieces - a recycled Jarrah timber table and benches, along with our gorgeous record cabinet – also made from recycled Jarrah timber floorboards. We approached Karl to build our benches and record cabinet after originally purchasing the Jarrah table, and Karl consulted with us on the design, turning our back-of-napkin sketches into workable designs and dimensions. The quality and craftsmanship from Karl was outstanding, in particular the attention to detail in preserving the character of the recycled wood.


Karl took a lot of pride in his work, and provided excellent advice on how to better design our record cabinet to ensure it met our needs and complemented the character of the apartment so that it would best fit the space. Karl was very flexible and understanding, provided regular progress updates, and worked around our schedule to ensure each furniture piece was built and installed within a tight deadline. The finished products far exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t be happier. Overall we would highly recommend Saltwood Designs.”

 – Ben& Matt, Fremantle WA



Timber feature wall

Karl Young

This timber wall replaces a brick wall that was knocked down during renovations. The brief was to create a feature wall that wasn't too imposing, doesn't make the space feel smaller, also to block off the light from a window on the left from entering a room on the right. This is the view from the front door, as you can see it really opens up the space but once inside the room the wall appears to be solid from certain angles. This was constructed using 3D modelling and made from American white Oak veneered onto a high grade Plywood, the top and bottom plates were CNC cut for perfect accuracy during construction.

Below is a Client testimonial, Thank you Dearma, Lee and Maree for trusting my design instincts and allowing me to make this beautiful feature for your home.


"Hi Karl, just a short note to say how much we appreciated all your creative input and artistic skill in delivering the perfect result for our entry/room divider.

We didn’t quite know what to expect when Fred from HandKrafted referred us to you at Saltwood Designs. Your ability to recognize and offer excellent options to create the final work of art, a perfect, beautiful timber divider, without imposing on space or flow between the two areas and also screening unwanted light, is quite impressive.

We greatly appreciated your willingness to make several visits to our home to discuss all aspects of the project ensuring a fine balance between artistic and practical. The 3D CAD drawings you provided for us to view on our computer enabled us to see the overall effect of the completed project from all points.

Once again Karl sincere thanks for giving us such a wonderful result, VERY VERY HAPPY.

Kind Regards

Dearma and Lee Sandercott and Maree."

Marri Dining table

Karl Young

Here is a project I completed a few months ago. Angela contacted me as she has been struggling to find the perfect table for her dining room. The bench seating makes it difficult to slide around the table and they were forever pulling out the table and pulling it back in once seated. The custom frame on this Marri table removed that issue, the legs are inset to allow for leg room and also allow for the chairs to fit under the table. 

Below is a testimonial from Angela. Thanks once again for allowing me to complete this project and your kind words.


We contacted Saltwood Designs as we were in need of a new dining table. We wanted the table to be custom made by someone local and knew that Karl uses recycled and sustainably sourced wood, which was important to us. Being a designer I can be quite particular, but I found working with Karl a breeze. He understood the aesthetic we were after and what considerations we had to allow for (it was to be used with booth seating and had to have allowances for people's legs to scoot underneath easily). We never met in person once throughout the process and I trusted his judgement the whole way. The character of the wood is beautiful and the time and care he has put into making this piece is obvious – we're delighted with the finished product. 







Karl Young

Just a quick note to let you all know that there is now a Saltwood Designs shop up and running through Big Cartel. Please go to the shop page on the website and have a look around, if there isn't anything that's for you please get in touch, I love working on commissions.

I don't at present have shipping as an option, collection can be arranged from the Many6160 building in Fremantle.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,any feedback is welcome.


Fence post coffee table

Karl Young



This was a real design challenge. 

Turn a few fence posts into a table that is functional and stylish. 

The result - a mitred loop frame with a fence post top floating on aluminium dowels. 

This wood was sourced from verge finds in the Melville area.


Karl Young

This was one of my first commissioned projects. I had already been collecting wood and storing it, making furniture for my family. Some friends had been shopping for a kitchen bench but, finding nothing that suited, they asked if I could design and build one. I drew some sketches and suggested types of wood I could use. All the scrap wood was sourced around the Melville area.

This is the finished product. The legs are hand cut tenon and mortise joints and it is finished with a zero VOC clear gloss sealer. I can build to any size specification and amend the design according to your needs.