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North Fremantle, WA, 6159

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jarrah gallery

This table started when I got an email from a friend, my friends know my passion for wood and they are always sending me texts or emails letting me know where there is potentially something of use to me. The picture in the email was a skip full of Jarrah, it was dirty and full of nails and screws. I went round to investigate the following day, the guy who had dumped the wood in the skip was present and came and had a chat with me. He said that the wood was the frame for his shed, I told him my story and he seemed genuinely pleased that the wood would have another life, he invisiaged it being used for firewood. He also gave me two wooden doors both of which have now been turned into tables. One is in the MadeN shop in Many6160. The top of the table was made entirely from the wood I found in the skip. It is a laborious task that can take a couple of weeks to get the wood from the seasoned/weathered look to the highly polished look you see now. The legs were made from old door frames, if you look closely you can still make out the hinge hole patterns and the hole where the door catch would have been. All the defects have been filled with a clear epoxy, I don’t want the wood to hide from what it was used for. I want it to be honest and proud of its past life.