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Recycled wood is eco-friendly. When you buy a recycled wood product from Saltwood Designs you can be sure that another tree hasn't been chopped down. Pieces of timber that were destined for landfill are used to create beautiful one-off pieces. 

I don't always have a project in mind for the wood I have - it can sometimes take a few days or weeks before a light bulb moment happens. If I'm asked to commission a build, I will always try to design according to the recycled timber I have. If there are times when I don't have enough stock to complete a customer’s project, I will purchase from local recycled timber suppliers or, as a last resort, will use FSC approved timber. This will always be discussed with the customer before the project goes ahead.

I believe we need to think more ethically about what we buy. We should think like our grandparents and buy sustainable products that are built to last. Upcycling materials that were going to be thrown away gives them a whole new life.

There is a very distinct element to using recycled timber. It has character, scars and beautiful imperfections that tell the story of what it once was